Unmatched expertise in smart contract audits, Layer 2 solutions, and DApp security.

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Building Smarter Blockchain Solutions with AI

EYESECUAI leverages the power of AI to revolutionize the blockchain world, empowering developers of all levels to participate confidently in a secure environment. Our user-friendly ecosystem seamlessly integrates AI-assisted tools to simplify token creation, enhance smart contract security, and boost your blockchain development experience.

Secure Your Cryptocurrency Journey

Our Services

Your Partner for Secure Blockchain Innovation

Smart Contract Audit

EyeSecu AI delivers comprehensive smart contract audits, combining AI-powered analysis with expert human insights for unyielding security.

DApp Auditing

EyeSecu AI Build trust and safeguard your users with AI-powered DApp audits.

Layer 2 Auditing

EyeSecu AI Secure the future of blockchain scaling with AI-powered Layer 2 audits.


EyeSecu AI Your partner in proactive security.  Find and fix vulnerabilities with expert pentesting.

Why Choose Eyesecu AI?

EyeSecu AI The Future of Blockchain Security

Advanced AI Integration

EyeSecu AI utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of security audits.

Comprehensive Security Solutions

From smart contracts to entire decentralized applications, EyeSecu AI offers a full spectrum of security services.

Comprehensive Approach

Securing not just smart contracts, but DApps holistically and Layer 2 solutions demonstrates expertise.

Partnership Focus

Emphasizing collaboration, guidance, and support appeals to clients who want a proactive security team by their side.

Your All-in-One Security Hub

Manage your portfolio, assess risks, and access our auditing insights in a single, streamlined platform.

Always Evolving

We continuously innovate to stay ahead of the curve, protecting your investments against the latest risks

Securing the blockchain ecosystem, one platform at a time

AI Audit

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to conduct thorough and precise audits of your blockchain projects.

Rug Scanner

Our Safe Scan technology provides real-time monitoring and scanning of your blockchain environment

Token Creator

Simplify your token creation process with our intuitive Token Creator tool. Design and launch your own tokens with ease

AI-Powered Blockchain Analyst

Unlock Smarter Contracting with EyeSecu Code Oracle

Discover the EyeSecu Code Oracle: A breakthrough AI tool designed to revolutionize smart contract analysis. This advanced system allows you to interact directly with your contracts through natural language queries, providing deep insights, visual explanations, and expert recommendations for optimizing security and efficiency


Unlock the power of your investments by staking with EYESECU, Secure, smart, and designed for growth.

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Q1: AI Auditor Development
  • Begin development and initial refinement of our AI-powered smart contract analysis engine.
Q2: Smart Contract &Token Creation
  • Deploy and launch smart contracts for the $ESCU token and develop secure, intuitive token creation tools.
Q3: Audit Partnerships
  • Add advanced features to the AI Auditor, such as tools for explanatory diagrams or functionalities for comparing similar contracts.
Q4: Blockchain Expansion
  • Extend support to additional blockchain networks to broaden our service scope.
Q1: Vision & Mission
  • Define EyeSecu AI’s mission to safeguard Web3 and establish our commitment to trust and collaboration.
Q2: Community building
  • Launch and grow social media channels to foster a community of security focused developers and investors.
Q3: Platform Design
  • Create the core user interface and security dashboards for the EyeSecu platform.
Q4: Knowledge Hub
  • Start creating a comprehensive resource center for blockchain security education, tutorials, and best practices.

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